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Inverter Prices in Nigeria.

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Inverter Prices in Nigeria (How to calculate inverters battery load).

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Inverter Prices in Nigeria are driven by the number of load your household requires to power, thus affecting the type of invert installation, number of inverter battery, and cost for other peripherals. In other to shed more light on how price of inverter in Nigeria are being calculated, I will like to make some quick reference on the methods of calculating points on electronics that are being used on inverter battery, these are commonly used house hold electronics, like:
• Television
• Radio
• Fan (low powered fans, eg none industrial fans, *to increase your inverter battery power duration)
• Bulb (energy saver, * to increase your inverter battery power duration)
• Fridge
• Deep Freezer
• Air-condition
In most cases this electronics mentioned above are the simple electronic house hold machines that are majorly important to most individuals, and the least of all that is expected to be powered by a small “GAS GENERATOR” now a small gas generator with a 5 liters tank of gas will successfully power most of this unit for a maximum time of 12 hours and a minimum of 6 hours (with respect to the load and the type of carburetor and generator parts that are used to combust energy into electricity).
While in the other hand you will have to look into the fact that with a least inverter of 0.8KVA you will get a maximum back up time of 12 hours and a minimum of 6 hours, with the same kind of load unit being carried.
Now to optimize the use of your inverters battery will be the application of energy savers appliances, most bulbs, and Television sets (light emitting electronics) are now on energy savers schemes, to reduce the amount of electricity power they consume.
This is a better advantage, the use of Inverters battery as over the use of gas generators, this is explained as follows:

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Merits of Inverters in Nigeria

When you fuel your generator, you will notice that it works by combustion, hence it burns gas, it does not matter how many load of power unit you place on the generator to carry, as long as you don’t exceed the maximum power it can carry, the generator will still work and burn your gas with respect to the size of the tank (which is normally designed to the generator specifications, remember it burns and thus the generator’s mechanism needs to cool down or you will be looking at an early service year for your generator set).
Whereas for the inverter powered house it simply works on the load it carries, so the lesser the load the longer it will last you and since it does not combust and you have less of mechanical engineered components, it simply work on devices, thus making it much more environmental friendly in terms of noise pollution (neighbors can sleep without banging at your door or air pollution from the toxic carbon mono oxide that is being unleashed by gas/diesel generators).
With the chart above you can easily deduce the number of inverters battery to budget for; and take the rule of thumbs to estimate the hours it will last you on the normal loading condition.
Please Note that the lesser the load the longer an inverter will last which does not apply to your generators, the inverter maintenance is low with respect of a 25 years lasting alternate power generation solution.
The final stage of this is the fact that it is much more economical in the long run, no matter how you look at it, an inverter can serve you more with loyalty than a generator.
The statements above is simply the use of your normal house hold power supply of electric current to charge the inverters battery with respect to duration.
Finally the use of solar panels has been introduce to tackle this (due to cost and power erratic power supply), the solar panels basically server as the energy provider to power your inverters battery which in turn supply you the required current.
The installation of solar panels can be calculated via the rule of thumb that 3 solar panels are required to power 1 inverters battery of 200AH, which in turn will supply you 0.8KVA current with this table you can easily calculate what you want and base you request on the quantity of power you household electronics need.

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